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Medical History

Tell us about your medical history.

When was your last relapse date?
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History of Seizures? Checkboxes

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List the medications you are currently prescribed.

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Treatment Centers

Tell us about any treatment centers you've previously been admitted into.

What do you need assistance with (select all that apply):
Have you ever participated in MAT (Medical Assisted Treatment)?
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How long on MAT (months)?
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Criminal History

 All Residents are subject to a criminal background check prior to move in. 


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Are you part of any specialized courts? (DUI, DRUG, MENTAL HEALTH, VETERANS) Dropdown

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Have you lived in a Recovery Home before? If yes, name and location:
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If yes, when:
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Did you have a successful discharge? Please explain:
Have you been to a Residential Program before? If yes, name and location:
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If yes, give the date of completion:
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Did you have a successful discharge? Please explain:
What is the estimated length of stay at Grace Recovery Home?
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Do you have a means of transportation?
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Sober Living History

Tell us about any sober living homes you've previously been admitted into.

Have you ever worked a 12-step program of recovery?
If yes, which one (please include Sponsor's name and phone number)?
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Tell us about your employment status.
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Statement of Cooperation

Disclaimer and Signature

I understand that this program requires residents to remain drug and alcohol-free, participate in a recovery program, work with a Peer Recovery Coach, pay weekly program fees, search for, and maintain employment, and follow all house rules.

I will be employed within 14 days of moving in. 

I understand that if I fail to meet these requirements and if I do not comply with the rules and conditions set forth by Grace House, I will be terminated from the program. Termination will require 24 hours to move out.  

Text field attest that all the information that I have given is correct and give my consent to the verification of all the information that I have provided on this application. 
IText field understand that if I am approved to reside at Grace House, a nonrefundable deposit in the amount of $150 is due immediately to hold my room, 1st week's rent of $275 is due upon move-in. 

Resident Signature: