New Resident Application

New Resident Application

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Will you be attending outpatient rehab (IOP):

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How many times have you attended inpatient rehab: Text field

How many times have you attended outpatient rehab: Text field

Are you seeking residence at Threshold Recovery of your own volition, or is this residency recommended by probation or TDOC: Text field

Have you worked a 12-step program: 

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Do you have any pre-existing mental, emotional, and/or physical conditions: 

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Do you have a job?

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What is you job title and description?

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Do you have any pending charges, court dates, or outstanding warrants: 

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Do you have any children: 

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Will you need to apply for food stamps or renew any forms of identification: 

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Who will be covering the cost of your lease at Threshold Recovery, you or someone else? 

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My signature below confirms my understanding and agreement to the following terms:I must be fully detoxed and able to pass a drug screen & breathalyzer upon my arrival to Threshold Recovery.
I agree to abstain from mood-altering substances, which can result in injury, coma, or death during my residency.
I agree to weekly random drug and alcohol screens.
I understand that any violation, on my behalf of Threshold Recovery’s zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use, will result in my immediate dismissal.
I also understand and agree to pay the financial requirements upon my arrival and throughout my residency at Threshold Recovery.

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