Deborah’s House Mission Statement:

Deborah’s House supports women who have completed an in-patient program for their ongoing recovery
from the disease of addiction by providing a safe sober-living home, spiritual mentoring and modeling
life skills for their continued success.

Deborah’s House, a ministry of Corazon San Antonio, is for women who are in recovery
from addiction. We provide housing for nine to eighteen months with rent based on a sliding scale, not to
exceed $400.00 per month.

Our residents must agree to abide by all Deborah’s House (DH) rules and guidelines. We have zero
tolerance for drugs, alcohol, sexual or illegal activity. There is a 10:00 p.m. curfew Sunday through
Thursday (12:00 a.m. on weekends), random drug/breathalyzer tests, random room inspections,
mandatory household chores, volunteer work, and employment or participation in a training program.

We require each resident to regularly attend 12-step meetings and work the steps with a sponsor. This
will be confirmed by DH staff. Each week the resident is required to participate in a faith community of
their choice. Developing a wide network of support greatly reduces the possibility of relapse.
Additionally, the resident will participate weekly in "Breathing Under Water", a faith-based 12-step program. The resident will be paired with a trained mentor who will assist in her spiritual journey as the resident completes the Breathing Under Water workbook and journal. Residents will meet with their mentor weekly. DH is a faith-based ministry - not simply a place to live. We believe our residents can transform their lives, if they are willing to go to any length and trust God. Our residents must believe
this, as well. DH believes transformation occurs only when women commit themselves to the process of recovery, of
which we believe there are four vital components:

- Sobriety: Our residents must have completed an in-patient recovery program immediately
prior to entering DH and continue to actively participate in a 12-step program.
- Safety: DH must provide a safe environment for our residents to heal and grow.
- Spirituality: DH residents must become part of a faith community that will sustain them and
support them in times of trial and temptation.
- Solvency: DH believes that earning a decent wage, one that provides self-sufficiency, will
give DH graduates the confidence and financial stability to maintain their sobriety.

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