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Have you ever been in residential treatment?

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If you are being released from a treatment program, please select from this list:


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Do you have a current mental health diagnosis?  If yes, please state what it is and how you are currently managing symptoms. ( Type N/A if not applicable) Paragraph

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Are you a Christian?

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If answered yes in being a Christian. When did you become a Christian? Date

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How has your faith impacted your recovery journey? Paragraph

Please describe any and all sources of income which you will use to pay rent: 


What other information would be helpful for us to know about you to serve you best? Paragraph


I acknowledge these rules.

Any house member may be asked to leave the Transition home for the following reasons:  

1.  Being in possession of, using, sharing, buying, or selling alcohol, unauthorized medication(s), or drug(s).

2.  Misusing prescribed or over-the-counter medication(s).

3.  Changing medication(s), dose amount, starting, or stopping medication(s) without prior authorization from Dr and MVDC Staff.

4. Allowing a person on the property who presents to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

5.  In non-compliance with the house standards, policies, or procedures.

6.  In noncompliance with drug and alcohol policy.

7.  In default of payment of rent fees.

8.  Has disruptive, disrespectful or hostile behavior towards house members & MVDC staff.

9.  Is verbally or physically abusive towards another house member  & MVDC staff.

10. Bullying or intimidation of house members & MVDC staff.

11. Causes damage or destruction of property.

12. Has lost focus of your recovery plan.

13. Involved in illegal activity or charged with a crime during house member at Transition home.

14. Stealing from another house member & MVDC staff. (this includes food).



I have read the above ATTENTION notice and understand that I am applying for membership at, MVDC's Transition home, as a member of a sober community. I agree to abide by MVDC’s principles and fully subject myself to MVDC’s standards, policies, procedures, and direction from MVDC's staff, and comply with the drug/alcohol policy of MVDC's transition home. I understand that I am subject to immediate expulsion if any of the preceding occur.


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