Application for Residents



 ****If you are in treatment please have your case manager email us @ for a follow up.****

Please contact Mari Santos via phone or text 857-326-2315 (cell) 781-666-3752 (office) - after all submissions to learn about bed availability.  

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We have homes in Chelsea, East Boston, Lynn and Malden ( East Boston and Lynn are the only options for females) 
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Rent is DUE every Friday by 6pm: $200.00 Double - $225.00 Single
Payments can be made by CASH, VENMO Chelseas-House, Check can be made out to Chelsea's House LLC 649 Broadway Malden, MA 02148. 


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By Signing below you are agreeing to the following rules: 


NO Alcohol/Drug

NO Weapons, explosives, fireworks

Anyone caught stealing will be discharged immediately.

Failed drug screens are subject to discharge. (quick cup or labs) 

Smoking inside the house is not permitted. Ashtrays are provided outside and need to be cleaned daily. No littering of cigarette butts on or near property.

Be considerate with the neighbors and your fellow residents. The volume of the television, music and your voices need to be always considered, but especially during the early morning hours and after 9:00 pm.

Daily chores for each member, also individuals need to clean up after themselves. Wash your dishes immediately to prevent roaches and other insect problems. Place garbage bags in the garbage containers outside.

Food is not permitted in the bedrooms.

Guests are allowed until 11:00 pm and midnight on weekends in the common areas only. ABSOLUTELY NO OVERNIGHT GUESTS

Personal items left behind after vacating will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of.

All residents must be in the house during the hours of 11pm-5am Monday- Thursday, 12am-5am on Friday and Saturday. After 30 days of residency, you may apply for an approved overnight pass.

Drug tests will be performed twice weekly by an outside lab and randomly at staff discretion.

There will be one (1) mandatory house meeting per week.

Required to attend three (3) outside meetings weekly.

Read and understand all of Chelsea’s House policies and procedures.    



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