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Gender: Resident gender Birthdate: Resident birthdate

School: Resident school

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Marital status: Resident marital status

Was there any criminal/drug/domestic violence involvement in relationship: Text field

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Veteran: Resident veteran status

Status: Resident status



Referral Information:


Name of Referral:Client referral source

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Contact #1

Name: Contact 1 name Phone: Contact 1 phone

Type: Contact 1 type Email: Contact 1 email

Contact #2

Name: Contact 2 name Phone: Contact 2 phone

Type: Contact 2 type Email: Contact 2 email

Contact #3

Name: Contact 3 name Phone: Contact 3 phone

Type: Contact 3 type Email: Contact 3 email

Contact #4

Name: Contact 4 name Phone: Contact 4 phone

Type: Contact 4 type Email: Contact 4 email



Criminal History

 Are you a registered sex offender:Text field

Have you ever been convicted of arson:Text field

Do you have a history of violence to yourself or others while not under the influence: Text field

Are you on probation/Parole: Checkboxes

If Yes, please provide Probation officers information:

Name: Contact 10 name Phone: Contact 10 phone

Type: Contact 10 type Email: Contact 10 email

Do you have any legal involvement: Text field

List any Outstanding Legal Issues: Text field

What for:Text field

Pending Court Dates: Date Date    Where do you have court: Text field


Previous Treatments

Treatment Center #1

Name: Treatment center 1 name

Started: Treatment center 1 started Ended: Treatment center 1 ended


Treatment Center #2

Name: Treatment center 2 name

Started: Treatment center 2 started Ended: Treatment center 2 ended


Treatment Center #3

Name: Treatment center 3 name

Started: Treatment center 3 started Ended: Treatment center 3 ended

Notes: Treatment center 3 notes

Treatment Center #4

Name: Treatment center 4 name

Started: Treatment center 4 started Ended: Treatment center 4 ended

Notes: Treatment center 4 notes


Medical History

Drug of Choice: Resident substance of choiceOther Use:Client substances of choice 

Date of last use: Resident sobriety date

Allergies: Resident allergies

Referred by: Resident referred by

Physical/Medical Conditions:Text field

Psychological Conditions: Text field

Do you have thoughts of suicide: Text field

Any Health Care Directives:Checkboxes Text field

Are you willing to commit to recovery and follow a plan outlined by WisHope: Checkboxes



Medication #1

Medication: Medication 1 name Dosage: Medication 1 dosage

Medication #2

Medication: Medication 2 name Dosage: Medication 2 dosage

Medication #3

Medication: Medication 3 name Dosage: Medication 3 dosage

Medication #4

Medication: Medication 4 name Dosage: Medication 4 dosage

Medication #5

Medication: Medication 5 name Dosage: Medication 5 dosage

Medication #6

Medication: Medication 6 name Dosage: Medication 6 dosage






Policy Holder Name:Text field     Policy Holder DOB: Text field

Insurance Provider Name:Text field    Insurance Provider Phone: Text field

Member ID Number:Text field     Group Number:Text field

Type of Policy: Dropdown



What Type of Programming are you looking for: Dropdown

Structured Housing costs are $900 for the 1st month. This includes four weeks of housing cost,

Housing admission fee, amd four $50 food cards. Every month after that $800 per month

which includes four $50 food card per week. Weekly housing cost are $150.

Independent Housing cost are $800 for the 1st month. This includes four weeks of housing cost

and housing admission fee. Weekly housing costs are $150. 

How will your housing cost be paid for: Text field

Payment Payer: Resident payment payer

Projected Admit Date: Date


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