01. Resident Eligibility and Expectations

Resident Eligibility and Expectations 



Criteria for admission is based upon the following:

1.      Women (The Bethel House) or men (Guardian House) at least 18 years of age and in recovery from substance use disorder.

2.      Days of drug and alcohol-free abstinence: at least 30 days.

3.      Have demonstrated a commitment to sobriety as evidenced by connection to community-based support programs (not mandated-only programs)

4.      Residence:  If all beds are full, our waiting list policy is that residents in the townships and counties where we have housing or have received funding will have priority.  Otherwise, at 48 hours prior to bed opening the space may be reserved for the next.

5.      Completion of Recovery Capital questionnaire. This will help guide our staff to determine your individual needs.

6.      Current mix of residents. Current residents will have a role in deciding whether applicants may be a good fit for the household.

7.      Planning to have the means to pay the monthly rent 30 days after entry into the home through employment, enrollment in vocational/work program, or receiving disability benefits.

8.      Planning to have a temporary mentor or sponsor within four weeks of entry.

9.      No history of chronic violence or violent sex offenses. We reserve the right to run background checks on all residents, staff, and volunteers.

We have a non-discrimination policy and will comply with federal fair housing and other nondiscrimination laws. Applicants not selected will be responsibly referred to another recovery home or program.

Recovery House Program Expectations for all Tenants:

1.      Residents will be able to care for their physical needs independently and to be able to provide for their own food, personal hygiene supplies, and general housekeeping items.

2.      Residents are willing to participate in becoming one cohesive household with shared responsibilities of facility and property upkeep and accountability with each other. This is critical to living the social model of recovery and is essential to our mission. One Step Software plays an important part in doing this and we require the daily use of our OneStep app.

3.      Residents will keep clean, quiet, safe, and orderly personal and common household spaces.

4.      All medications will remain locked up and no intoxicating substances, legal or otherwise will be on the property.

5.      Residents will be actively working their personal recovery plans.

6.      Weekly house meetings and at least two other support meetings should be attended when at all possible.

7.      The authority of the Lead Peer Resident will be respected by all.

8.      Not complying with the terms of the agreement and rules of the program may result in failure to renew the tenant lease and an unfavorable discharge.


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