Interview Questions

 UTurn Recovery Housing Interview Questions

Welcome to the UTurn Recovery Housing
Please complete the following questions to help us learn a bit about you so we can determine how we can help.
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Personal Information

Tell us about yourself

What is your first name?
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Are you fleeing from a domestic violence situation?
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Contact Information

How can we reach you?

At what phone number can we best reach you at?
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How did you hear about UTurn Recovery Housing?
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Why do you want to live in Sober Living?
What are your expectations of Sober Living?
What do you expect to gain from Sober Living?
Have you lived in Sober Living before?
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Drug History

Tell us about your drug history.

How long have you been clean/sober?
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What age did you being using?
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Do you have a family history of substance abuse?
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Do you struggle with other addictions?
Are you in treatment?
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If yes, when are you getting out?
What is your previous treatment history?


Tell us about your recovery

How serious are you about staying clean/sober? Explain:
Do you have a relapse prevention plan?
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If yes, what is the plan?
What are your plans for IOP, aftercare and 12-step meeting participation?
Do you currently have a sponsor?
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If yes, how is your relationship with your sponsor?
If no, have you ever had a sponsor?
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What are your plans for getting a sponsor?
Are you currently attending meetings?
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If yes, what types of meetings are you attending?
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What prescription and non-prescribed medications are you currently taking and plan to continue taking?

Financial Information

Tell us about your financial situation

Are you currently employed?
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What is the highest level of education you completed?
Are you currently enrolled in school?
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If yes, what school?
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How will you be meeting your financial obligations for rent and living expenses?

Family Information

Tell us about your family

Are you in the process of family reunification?
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Do you have children?
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If yes, what is the situation with them?

Thank you for your interest!

We value proactivity!


Please follow up with Justin Jensen (801) 645-1242 any time after 10:00 am daily!


Just submitting an application doesn't automatically put you on the list! Contact needs to be made to ensure placement!!!