Rocky Mountain Men's Sober Living homes offer a structured, supportive environment for individuals seeking recovery.  Our goal is to provide an affordable sober living facility to those who want to overcome their addictions and pursue a new, healthier lifestyle—free from alcohol and chemical dependency.  We offer a place to feel human again, establish a disciplined life, and regain and maintain a robust recovery program while experiencing the relational support necessary to sustain a sober existence.

Please fill out this short application, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Paragraph 1: Tell RMSL about yourself. What led you to substance use? Do you have a history of traumatic events? Please explain.


Paragraph 2: What is your plan for sober living/recovery residence? How will a recovery residence help you?


Paragraph 3: Please list 3 goals for your recovery. What steps will you take to complete these goals? How are you working your program (therapy, meetings, groups)? What coping skills do you use?


Paragraph 4: What are you doing differently or plan to do differently not to fall back into your addiction? 



If you are currently in a program or incarcerated, please describe where, your estimated exit date, and who to contact regarding your application?*


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What was the date of your last use, and which substances did you use?*


Residence at Rocky Mountain Sober Living LLC  requires actively working in a recovery program, being a positive member of our community, maintaining abstinence from all drugs and alcohol, and following all house rules, including abiding by curfew requirements. Is this something that you are willing to do?*


What is your current source of Funding? ( Program fees are $700/mo if paid in full OR $175/week and one-time intake fee of $150 and $25/mo supply fee)  ***if other support (please specify)* 



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Are you required to register as a sex offender?*


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Admission Guidelines

• Minimum 18yrs of age 

• Must be sober and able to provide a clean UA/BA upon admission 

• Able to fulfill financial obligations 

• Be able/willing to work, attend school, or volunteer full-time (or any combination thereof) 

• Willing to participate in a 12-step or Recovery program 

• Willing to participate in Rocky Mountain Sober Living LLC’s Program 

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