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Resident Application to Sober 4 Life Inc.:  CJO House

Personal Information:

Applicants Name:  Client first name  Client last name   

Desired move in date:  Client admit date

Estimated Length of Stay: Client estimated length of stay

Phone:  Client phone      Email Address: Client email

Date of birth:  Client birthdate     Age:  Text field    

Social Security Number: SSN

Gender:  Client gender      Pronoun: Client pronoun

Marital Status:  Client marital status

Race:  Client race   Ethnicity:  Client ethnicity

Veteran: Client veteran status


Hometown Address: Client Address


Was Client Referred?:  Client Referred By

Family Members/Emergency Contacts: Family Members 

Other Contacts: Contact

Prior Living Experiences: LivingArrangementHistory

Sober Living History: SoberLivingHistory

Has Applicant ever lived in a sober house? Radio buttons 

        If yes, provide sober house names, dates and reason for leaving: Paragraph

 Describe Applicant's most recent living location and situation:  Paragraph


Applicant's Drug/Alcohol Use and Treatment:

Applicant's Drug of Choice:   Client substances of choice  

          1st Drug of Choice: Text field

                           Method: Text field   Age First Used:   Text field   Date of last use: Text field

          2nd Drug of Choice: Text field  

                           Method: Text field   Age First Used:   Text field   Date of last use: Text field



If Applicant is currently in a Treatment Center, provide the name of the center, the start date, end date, approx discharge date: 

Treatment Center History:  TreatmentCenterHistory

        Case Manager:   Text field        Case Manager Contact Info: Paragraph

What brought the Applicant to that Treatment Center?  Paragraph

What was Applicant's longest clean time and when?  Paragraph 

Describe Applicant's Relapse History:  Paragraph

Has Applicant ever overdosed? Radio buttons   If yes, # of times:  Text field  Was Applicant hospitalized?  Radio buttons

Provide any additional details regarding Applicant's overdose history:  Paragraph

Provide and details regarding Applicant's participation in a recovery plan:  Paragraph

Recovery History:  RecoveryHistory

Step: Client step

Sponsor: Client sponsor

Kinds of Meetings Attended: Client kinds of meetings attended

Health Problems:Client health problems

Allergies: Client allergies

Applicant's Current and Past Medications:

Diagnosis:  Client diagnosis

Medications: Medication

Has Applicant ever been on Maintenance Meds in the past?  Radio buttons  

     If yes, describe what meds and when:    Paragraph

Is Applicant currently on or plan to be on maintenance meds?  Radio buttons  If yes, provide names: Medication

Provide any details if Applicant plans to continue maintenance meds:  Paragraph

Is Application on any other medications?  Radio buttons

       If yes, Applicant's provide all other Meds:



Education: EducationHistory

School: Client school

Therapist/Clinician: Therapist/Clinician 


Applicant's Legal Matters:

Does Applicant have any outstanding Legal Matters?  Radio buttons   Describe: Paragraph

Does Applicant have a valid driver's license?  Radio buttons   If yes, provide State, License # and Expiration: Text field

Does Applicant plan on bringing a car?  Radio buttons


Client's Insurance: Insurances


Applicant's Financial Information:

What Applicant's most recent or current occupation or job description: EmploymentHistory

Employment History: EmploymentHistory

What are Applicant's plans for employment while at our home:  EmploymentHistory    

Applicant's Anticipated amount of monthly income:   Text field

Provide any additional means of Applicant's financial support:   Paragraph


Name of Person Completing this Application:  Text field   

     If other than the applicant, provide contact information:  Text field

Signature:   Signature


Today's Date: Date


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